The Green Ghost

Fish tales

Always on the look out for sustainable fish following stories of the depleted cod stocks around the world I found a great web site published by the Marine Conservation Society. Dedicated to helping conscious decisions to be made about what fish, if any, we buy and eat.

There are many ways of helping the fish population survive the over zealous fishing habits of humankind. One method is the use of a round hook to catch Tuna rather than using a net, often catching turtles and other endangered species at the same time. Sustainably sourced fish that are caught from a healthy, well-managed stock that has minimal impact on the seas is another way. Surprisingly, organic fish only refers to farmed fish fed with organic certified food by the Soil Association. Growing mussels on rope is another way of maintaining a healthy stock and policing the numbers remover for the table. Avoid mussels dredged from the seabed as this also has an impact on the environment, leaving some areas sterile of life. Better to go for hand picked from the wild. Talking of which, wild fish are just that and should carry the Marine Stewardship Council stamp.

Fish on line is a great source of information ranging from what fish to buy, what to avoid, which restaurants have sourced sustainable fish for the menu and where to buy fish for home cooking. In 2007, Marks and Spencer won joint first with Waitrose for best-sourced sustainable fish with Tesco and Sainsbury's in third and fourth place respectively. Enjoy.