The Green Ghost

Eight maids a milking - is milk SAFE???

For years, we have been told that milk is good for us and, perhaps, in the good old days of working with nature it was.

These days we see an increase in the use of factory style milking sheds that house the super GM bred cows all their short lives, never seeing the outside world or a field - just concrete.

Often they live just five years before being culled compared to natural field reared cows that can live to 25 years old, enjoy fresh grass and fresh air - rain too.

There are always two sides of an argument about animal welfare so, if you desire to know more on the subject visit or their milk web site and the Dairy Council at which is a not for profit information organisation about the white stuff.

Some interesting none dairy products are to be tested in the New Year such as Cheezly, Scheese and Tofutti so watch out for those.