The Green Ghost

Beauty help from exotic plants

Mother Nature offers us valuable substances with an curing and caring effect. That's why, over the centuries, plants have been used in beauty treatments. From fruits and oily seeds, oils are extracted to be used in reducing wrinkles and all sorts of skin imperfections. Plants, flowers, stems, and roots contain acids for peeling or regenerator proteins for the skin whilst providing vitamins. These have a special antioxidant effect, meaning that the process of ageing is slowed down and the body has some first aid.

Aloe Vera

This subtropical plant soothes and has a refreshing feeling when applied on the skin. It grows on arid soils and it manages well without a drop of water for several months. The juice, which is like a gelatin, is extracted from the leaves of the plant. This juice contains 95% water and also curative substances that has a regenerating effect and it also heals acne as well as cuts.


Is an Australian plant. The oil extracted from this plant's leaves has a fresh aroma and due to its cleansing properties it combats acne, blemishes and is used to calm down brusing.


This tree, with its specific leaves, brings energy, bright eyes and helps all round health. It's extract fortifies the defense system of the skin and has a super effect of redressing dry skin by bringing about a good skin balance.

On the market are plenty of products that have ingredients from the plants mentioned above. My advice to you is to go for the organic ranges that are available from good high street shops and on line at places like Sam's and Please remember the advice given is based on my own use and some people may react differently to certain products so if in doubt seek medical help prior to trying any of the above out.

Finally if you don't feel comfortable using this plants, you can try to use free makeup samples before to buy them. Bee a responsible buyer. As an instance, this website: